10 Tips to Choose Your Own Disability Support

United Response supports self-directed support and personal budgets as a way to give people real control and choice. The way they work has been driven by the need for individual support. As such, they see self-direction in the future and personal finances as natural progressions of this. Visit disability support services Melbourne before reading this.

Many remarkable stories are told by people who have a personal financial budget. They take control over their lives and make their own decisions about how to support themselves. However, we have seen the confusion that exists among potential purchasers of these services and their family members when they move to this new world. Many people fear that they will have to manage a budget.

They have been working with Voluntary Organisation’s Disability Group, (VODG), in order to produce a “Top Ten Tips Guide” for anyone needing to purchase social assistance support for themselves, a friend, or family member.

This guide will show you what to look for in a support provider. It also teaches you how to develop and pay for the support that you need.

Ten top tips

1. You should think about how you want support. Do you want a support person or a personal assistant? Are you looking to employ them through an agent or directly?

2. Keep a record of your initial impressions. It is important to note your first impressions of your support provider. Do they keep their promises? Did they respond to your request when they promised, or did you not get a reply?

3. Consider how they will design your support package. Your support provider must spend time getting to to know you. They should work with you to create a person-centered support plan and provide you with a contract.

4. Make sure you understand how your support will monitored – and how it can be changed. Each year, your support provider must review your support. Sometimes called a “person-centred” review. This should be led and directed by you.

5. Be sure to check the price. Unless otherwise agreed, your support provider should confirm that the price will not be changed after you have signed the contact.