3 Facts to know about improving your health with the Ganoderma Mushroom

Many claim that the ganoderma is “The King of Herbs” and “The Miracle Herb”. The ganoderma mushroom’s use has been consistent for thousands of decades. Lingzhi is what it is commonly known as in China. Reishi is what it is popularly known in Japan. Ganoderma earned the nickname “King of Herbs” for its scarcity thousands of centuries ago. Because of this, only Chinese Emperors were allowed eat it. They believed it would guarantee them immortality. Although it didn’t offer immortality the herb was an important part of a healthy, happy life. There are three things you should know about ganoderma mushroom. You can see soulcybin for more information.

1.) Ganoderma mushroom originates from the Mycetes Kindom, a branch within the kingdom known to be the “Basidomycetes Family”, in which many medicinal mushrooms are from. Research and experience has shown many health benefits from this mushroom. Ganoderma mushroom is known for its remarkable ability to fight harmful bacteria and viruses. It also strengthens the body’s defense and immunity system.

2.) 2.) The ganoderma fungus was extremely rare back then. There were an average of three to four ganoderma mushrooms for every 10,000 trees in China. This meant that it was considered lucky to actually find them. To eat ganoderma mushrooms would lead to death for anyone who tries to eat them or refuses to give them to the Emperor.