Ayahuasca Preparation Diet

It can make a huge difference in your life, however it can be difficult to prepare yourself for an ayahuasca ritual. Different sources suggest different ways of prepping, however, the most popular ones include not eating pork or red meats, dairy products or anything that has been smoked or aged. Also, avoid excessive oil and alcohol for at least three to five days. Some may wonder why someone would choose to avoid such a large number of foods when taking ayahuasca. I did some research and found good scientific evidence supporting this diet. You can also check out this sites for my response.

Tyramine is a major component of pork and many foods aged, pickled (smoked), smoked or fermented. Tyramine can be derived from the amino-amino acid tyrosine. The danger of mixing any MAOI (monoamine oxide inhibitors) medication with foods high tyramine is real. MAOIs are no longer prescribed by physicians as much as in the past few decades. Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis cacao) is a mixture of at least three MAOI substances. Consuming foods with a large amount of tyramine just before the ceremony can be dangerous. A minimum of one week is required to avoid any type of sexual activity. Because a ceremony is a big undertaking that requires energy and focus, sexual activity reduces this energy.

You will find many ingredients in foods sold in supermarkets across the United States, making it difficult to stick with this diet. It was easy for me to stick to the diet. I bought fresh fish, chicken, fruits, and vegetables at home. It was too risky so I stuck to my diet. Although the diet was strictly adhered to for just six days, it felt like my body had been cleansed. I shed eight pounds. I was able to sense the difference in taste and smell. I felt lighter. I also noticed that my body was feeling more fluid and less stiff. Although you may not be able to attend an ayahuasca ceremony soon, it can help your mind and body. Take it on for only a few days to see the difference in your mood!