Eyelid Surgery Can Make You Look Younger

These are two of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. These procedures are very popular as they eliminate the deep furrows on the forehead and the tissue that sags above the eye. Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery is the procedure of removing excess skin that has wrinkles or excessive sagging, along with fat, and in some cases muscle, from either the upper or lower lids. Get rid of “bags”. This will give you a more youthful, healthy and lasting appearance, learn more here.

The lower eyelid can be blepharoplasty with either an external incision or internal one. All eyelid surgeries are performed with the highest level of surgical skill. Because the eyes can be the most expressive part of your face, you may want to consider eyelid surgery in order to look younger and more refreshed. Although lower eyelid surgeries without skin resurfacing are easier to recover from, the results can be inconsistent. Patients may opt for cosmetic eyelid surgery, and later have skin resurfacing done when they are able to. Lower eyelid surgeries are the most popular and target the fat bulges of the lower eye bags. A type of eyelid procedure called transconjunctival surgery is available for patients with a more elastic skin.

Upper eyelids can be operated on, as well as lower eyelids. Lower eyelid surgeries can be done under sedation. Consult your cosmetic surgeon to find out which procedure is best for you. The outer edge of eyelashes is usually where the incision begins. Lower blepharoplasty can be one of the most difficult operations to perform for a cosmetic surgeon.

This type of patient will experience less improvement after liposuction compared to patients who store most abdominal fat under the skin. It is recommended that patients refrain from wearing contact lenses for at least two weeks. This may cause eye irritation. You can wear makeup after a few days. A blepharoplasty may be recommended for those who suffer from excessive upper and lower eyelid wrinkles or skin, or who are suffering from excess skin. Patients with puffy pockets or fat that give them a tired, aged look can also benefit from eyelid surgeries.

Even age can affect eyelid surgery. My lids, for example, are starting to look like awnings as I age. It is important to note that eyelid surgery does not affect the eyeball. Some cases, the vision may be enhanced by removing skin that would otherwise block it. It is possible to remove puffiness of the eyelids caused by excessive fatty tissue. The sutures that are used to seal this type of incision can be seen by the naked eye.