Famous Pages of Heaven: the Most Popular Church Websites

Come in and I’ll give you a tour of some of the most visited pages from each church’s web site get more information. These online houses offer an intimate glimpse at the lives of Christians today. What do people like most about church website? From the Bible to their service to the local community, we’ll find out.

In the world of religious websites the homepage is the crowning glory. As the church’s main entrance sets the tone, this section of the site does the same. Welcome pages can include a quick introduction, details of upcoming events, or navigational tools that allow you to explore other sections of a website. It is no surprise that most people spend time on a church website’s homepage, since it’s the first place they look.

In the “About Us” area, people can read about our history, tenets and philosophy. This section helps people decide if a church is right for them before attending. Also, churchgoers can use this section to spread the word about their faith.

We will now visit the “Sermons”, section. The action happens right here. Visitors can listen to previous sermons, view live streams of current services and get study materials. Sermons, which contain a wealth inspirational teachings, is the section that gets the most attention on any church website.

You can find a page called “Ministries”, which is for people who are willing to help. This page contains everything from children’s activities to outreach programs. Guests may find information about how to positively influence their local communities. The “Ministries” section is always buzzing with activity. It gives members a great opportunity to interact with other people who have similar interests.