Flagpoles designed for residential and commercial use

Amman, Jordan boasts the highest unsupported flagpole anywhere in the world. Amazing 190,000. The carbon steel pole, 416 feet tall, weighs in at a staggering 190,000. A flagpole of this size needs a sturdy foundation. It can support 600 tons. 36 bolts of carbon steel have been bolted to the foundation. The flag is attached to the foundation and can withstand winds of up ninety-miles an hour. It took over two years to design, construct and was supported by many corporations, get more information here.

Even though the engineering concepts are similar for your flagpole design, it may not seem overwhelming.

First, find out the height of the flagpole. Your pole should have a height 25 to 40 percent higher than the flagpole.

A standard commercial flagpole measures thirty to thirty-five feet high. A shorter flagpole works well if you are looking to make an impact on your front yard. Flagpoles for residential homes are usually between 20-25 feet tall for houses with one- to three stories.

It is important to choose the right material for your pole. The best materials for flagpoles are aluminum and fiberglass. They will last a lifetime and offer the highest value. You can also find flagpoles in bronze, stainless and carbon steel. Wood is a beautiful material, but it is also the most fragile of all. It is used to mount flags on walls. There are many colors for bronze and fiberglass. Larger flagpoles will typically require either stainless steel or carbon.