How To Install A TV Wallmount

With modern TV sets becoming more affordable, more people decide to upgrade to a large screen LCD or plasma television A wall-mounted TV looks great and saves you floor space. Also, it is easier than you think. Installing a TV wall mount is not for everyone. You can call in a specialist fitter, but if the DIY skills you have, you will be able to mount your new mount in no more than an hour.

It is important to decide where to mount your TV. You should attach your TV to an erect wall. Solid brickwork works well, but plasterboard walls are best. Make sure the mount is fastened to a wall-stud. Plasterboard alone isn’t strong enough for a flat screen TV. Make sure your TV is visible from your sofa. Placards can be placed on the wall where the TV is to be mounted so that it is easy to see from your sofa. You can move the poster around until your satisfaction is achieved. You can always move the poster around until you find the perfect spot.

Next, you will need a mount. You should be aware that certain TVs might require a particular mount. Check the owner’s manual. If there is no indication, you can use whatever mount you want. Mounting holes for your TV are standard distances apart. Your mount will fit perfectly as long as they match. There are many different types of mounts available, including basic ones that attach flush to the wall and more advanced ones with fully articulated joints. You can choose which mount you want, depending on your budget and your specific needs. If you are still unsure about which mount to buy, you can always look on the internet for reviews from customers and recommendations.