How to Keep Your Self Storage Units Full

The new owners of the local self storage unit will be shocked to hear the silence full report. There is no sound of cars hitting the pavement or worse-case scenario where husbands are screaming “That was my Mothers!” The units have been empty since then, and the coffers are empty. There are many options to get the sound up in self-storage. Here are the best. There’s no need to continue searching for the best ways to make empty units fill up and hear the buzzing sound of “money”.

Fill empty units by offering great products at great prices. That is the key to filling empty units and keeping them full. Run from any business professional or marketing-guru who speaks otherwise. While those are the two most effective ways to keep the self-storage units full of cash and the cash register ringing, there are still a few things you need to know.

Maintaining a safe, clean, and tidy self-storage unit is key to ensuring that they are filled. If the units are not well-kept and there is no landscaping, customers will leave and start to shop elsewhere. It is better to prevent this from happening. According to the golden rule, filling self-storage units is 10 times cheaper and easier to retain customers than it is to gain them. This applies to any business venture regardless of industry.

It is easy to ensure that the area where units are located is clean and well maintained by hiring a maintenance person. As the full-time, or part-time employee of this maintenance man will be able repair and clean the whole self-storage facility, it will be worth the cost. Although it might seem like a stretch to ask the maintenance man for help with landscaping and trimming the turf around units, it’s worth the effort. Even though the equipment is expensive, they can be paid for in a few months.