How to navigate the adventure of carpets and kids

The joys of parenting! You’ll remember the laughter, the milestones you reached, and the odd grape juice spill right on your carpet. As a parent you understand the struggles of keeping your carpets clean. You might be able to save your carpets if you’re in Cammeray. Save the date.

The kids are natural adventurers. The carpet takes the brunt, whether it’s spilled drinks or food. Or mud tracked in after a great day at the playground. Let’s look at how you can strike the right balance between making your home child-friendly and having a floor that is safe.

Vacuum Regularly: Sounds basic, right? When there are children around, it is important to boost the frequency. The regular vacuuming will not only collect visible dirt and allergens, but it also picks up hidden particles.

Accidents can happen. You can avoid permanent carpet tattoos by taking quick action. You can either invest in commercial stain removers or keep a homemade one on hand (white vinegar mixed with water is effective for most spills).

The floor is a place where kids, particularly toddlers, often spend time. Opt for services in Cammeray that only use child-safe, non-toxic products. The residues will be removed.

Professional Cleaning: Vacuuming and spot cleaning aren’t always sufficient. Get your carpets professionally clean once or two times a year. It not only provides a deep cleaning, but can extend the life and revive your carpet.

Cleansing can be fun! Teach the value of cleanliness to your children. Make a no-shoes rule in your home or have the kids compete to pick up as many toys before you vacuum.

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