It’s a Game Changer in Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery and carpeting are a major concern in terms of maintaining a clean home. Scotchgard was a revolution in the protection of these items. Scotchgard, an added layer of protection, ensures that fabric remains in top shape for longer. Services like carpet cleaners play a key role in deep cleaning – more help?

Scotchgard’s main benefit is the fact that it can repel liquids. Scotchgard forms a protective barrier on upholstery and carpets that prevents liquids from penetrating the material. The spill can be cleaned up much more easily and there is less chance of a permanent stain. Imagine you knocked over a bottle of red wine on to your carpet and it pooled there instead of leaving a permanent stain. Scotchgard is the best protection for carpets.

Scotchgard repels liquids and dirt, but it also prevents them from adhering to your upholstery or carpet. As a barrier, it reduces the dirt’s ability to adhere to carpet fibers or upholstery. The cleaning process becomes easier, more convenient and effective. By vacuuming, you can lift dirt and keep your clothes looking fresher for longer.

Scotchgard has another benefit: its long-lasting durability. Once it is applied, Scotchgard will provide protection to the object for up a year. Due to its long life, it is an economical solution that will maintain your furniture’s aesthetic appeal while extending their lifespan.

Scotchgard, for those who are concerned with the safety of chemical treatment around children or pets, has been designed in a way that is completely safe. As it doesn’t affect the fabric texture or colour, your furniture and carpets will retain their natural look.

Scotchgard may also be used to enhance professional cleaning. Scotchgard, applied before the visit of a cleaning company like Carpet Cleaning Lane Cove can help your carpets to get a thorough clean. The fabric can also be treated again after professional cleansing to increase its resistance against dirt and stains.

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