Mushroom safety: What you need to know

Many people go hunting every year for exotic mushrooms. Some wild mushrooms you may find in the local forest or your backyard can be quite delicious and go well with meat, stews or other dishes. When searching for fungi, you need to be careful. What is microdosing?

Learn which species you’re looking for. You should not go into the forest and eat any mushroom that you find. If you want to know which type of mushroom to select and where it is located, then plan ahead. Nearly all mushrooms only produce fruit at specific times during the year, and in certain conditions. Most fungi grow best in moist climates. They also spawn a great deal around the autumn season.

After you have harvested your mushrooms, it is prudent to cook them before eating. By cooking or boiling mushrooms at high temperature, you can kill any bacteria from the forest. The mycotoxincs in mushrooms are destroyed by heating. You should always cook the mushrooms you gather in the forest. They will become cleaner and more flavorful after cooking. There aren’t many mushrooms that can be consumed raw. However, there are some toxic mushrooms.