Odor Treatment After Carpet Cleaning

Imagine the following: You’ve spent an entire day deep cleaning your carpet in Northern Beaches. The carpet now looks almost like new. The carpet still smells. How can this be, additional info? The odor-treatment is essential as the final touch. This aromatic mystery is waiting to be unraveled!

1. Smells and Cleaning Science

The process of cleaning removes grime and dirt but can inadvertently bring out dormant scents. You can think of this as awakening a sleeping titan. Sometimes, moisture released from the cleaning process can combine with invisible contaminants to cause a noticeable smell.

2. After-Cleaning Dampness

The carpet may appear dry after cleaning but there is still moisture trapped within its fibers. It’s easy to see why mildew or mold thrives in damp conditions.

3. Even Old Stains Can Tell Stories

Remember Fido and his little accident from last month, or the wine spill that happened last Christmas? Although the stains have been removed, they can still be remembered by their odour. The ghostly scents are sometimes revived after deep cleaning. This is why a post-cleaning treatment for odors becomes necessary.

4. Remaining Odors from Cleaning Solutions

Most carpet cleaning products are designed for stain removal, but they may leave a mild chemical scent behind. The smell may not be unpleasant at all, but is certainly different from that of a fresh, clean home.

5. How to Enhance the Feeling of Clean

The feel and scent of a clean house is just as important as the look. The odor-removal treatment, which is a great way to add freshness and fragrance after spending time on carpet cleansing, will be the final touch.

6. Vibes that Last Longer

Treatments for odors aren’t only about a quick fix. It also acts as a protection layer to ward off future odors, making the next cleaning session more efficient.

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