Plastic Surgery Board Certification Is Important

It has always been believed that doctors make a lot that site. The truth is, becoming a medical doctor requires a lot time and money. Most doctors go to medical school for four years, and then spend two to eight more years as residents learning their craft. They will be in debt during this time. As soon as they graduate from residency, the cost of establishing and running a medical practice will be even higher. During the Clinton era when managed care first appeared, reimbursements to doctors for medical services were drastically reduced. This left doctors struggling with their residency loan repayments and the costs to run their practice.

In addition to making less money than they did before through insurance, managed-care agencies would delay paying out the small amount they would permit. To get paid, doctors may have to hire an additional person to go after these agencies. What’s the connection between all of this and board certification? Many doctors who are struggling to pay the bills take cosmetic surgery weekend courses to supplement income. In order to avoid dealing with stubborn insurance providers, cosmetic surgery can be paid in full. Even though this might alleviate doctors’ financial troubles, a weekend-long course doesn’t make them very qualified to perform cosmetic surgery procedures. This is the kind of procedure that takes years of training for qualified plastic surgeons. The longest residency in any medical specialty is a plastic surgery residency.

Anyone in the United States with a medical degree (M.D. In the United States, anyone who has a medical degree (M.D. No regulations exist regarding who is allowed to perform what. Due to this, many doctors with specialties other that plastic surgery advertise themselves as being “board certified plastics surgeons.” Even though they might be board-certified in a particular medical field, that does not mean that it is plastic surgery. The American Medical Association has twenty-four recognized specialties. Plastic surgeons must be certified and trained by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Only plastic surgery certified by ABPS has completed rigorous training, certifying exams and is qualified to do such surgeries.