Recession proof your career by switching from LPN to RN

The Registered Nursing career is one of the most sought-after careers in the job market. The shortage of Registered Nurses is due to a number of factors. However, the most important factor for healthcare professionals who want to become RNs was their time. The 6 month lpn to rn program online has emerged as a popular option for aspiring nurses seeking career advancement.

Traditional schools require a commitment that’s simply unworkable for an adult who is also a parent. In today’s economy, it is not possible to go to school full time while caring for a family. We still see a steady rise in interest in the LPN-to-RN career path.

LPNs are fortunate to still have jobs, as most hospitals only use RNs because they can treat patients more effectively and give medication. Even hospitals are investing in their staff to explore non-traditional nursing education. Nursing organizations and healthcare institutions can now send their employees to school without having to sacrifice work hours for a full-time schedule.

This is a truly remarkable development. It is important to deliver a program of high quality that does not give the impression of a drop-off in comparison with the traditional model. The million-dollar question is: can I transition from LPN to RN while still receiving a topnotch education in a blended or distant learning format? Answer: Yes!

The traditional schools have been the dominant force in nursing programs until recently. Kaylim Career Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, offers career seekers an affordable, accredited option. Traditional schools have yet to effectively address one of the largest student segments – nontraditional/working adults.

There are many traditional schools that have long waiting lists and strict requirements. This can be a deterrent to applying. Subsequently, this brings up another reason why most LPNs do not pursue an LPN to RN program…Acceptance. Some LPNs are worried that they won’t be accepted because they haven’t been in school for ten years or more. Distance education programs that are non-traditional are not usually restricted by admissions criteria, so they are more accessible for the majority of students.

Distance learning programs do require REALcommitment from the student. It’s great to know that a program like Kaylim Career Institute can be a real partner for students who want to become RNs. The blended program offers students the best of both worlds: the traditional classroom and the distance learning model. It is a vehicle that full-time nurses need, and industry wants to take advantage of such innovative approaches.