Self Storage

What will you do in the next couple of weeks? You are not the first person to say “shopping around for self storage.” Unnecessary time spent on the phone, or in the car, searching for the perfect self storage facility is a big mistake. If you know where to look, there are no excuses for spending unnecessary hours on the phone, learn more here.

Modern technology is a marvelous thing. I’m sure you know the old saying that “necessity” is the mother invention. There have been many innovations in self storage over the last few decades that saved people searching for it the time it took to find what they needed. To truly explain how important these services are, it’s important to look back at how people previously found self storage.

There was no storage in the beginning. If you had too little stuff, you had to put it in the garage, attic and backyard or throw it out. Many valuable antiques have been lost along with much of the history. Russ Williams worked in the oil business and realized that he needed somewhere to store his boat as well as fishing gear. Odessa was the birthplace for modern self storage. They were very convenient, and the success of the facility was quickly spread.

A few years later, self-storage facilities were all the rage. They were significantly cheaper than buying extra storage or building a bigger house. As a way to promote their business, self storage is a good option for both salesmen and business men. Everyone soon realized the importance of renting additional space, and the Self Storage Industry was born.

With the construction of more self-storage facilities, awareness grew. Although the internet and GPS weren’t yet developed, it was still possible to find self-storage facilities by using the Yellow Pages or a map. Archaic, I know. It’s almost difficult to believe we used to live in those “dark days”.