Bathtub Refinished? What is the Maintenance Required to Keep It Looking Good

The cost of hiring a remodeler for a damaged tub is less expensive than replacing it. If you want to ensure that your tub continues to meet expectations, after it has been refinished, make sure to take care of it. The bathtub should be left for at least 48 hours before use. It is important to wait 48 hours after the application of the refinishing process before using the Bathtub HQ.

As soon as the initial wait period is complete and the tub has been re-used, bottles or bars shouldn’t be left along the edges. It can lead to water being trapped at the surface and eating away the glass. For storage of soaps, shampoos and similar items in the bath or shower area, you can buy holders made to fit the space. These will hold the products close but not damage the bathtub’s refinishing. Also, bathmats and wet towels can lead to excessive exposure of moisture. Rugs that hang over the edge of the tub are another item that could cause this.

Cleaners that are abrasive should not be applied to the new surface. You should instead use nonabrasive foams, gels or liquids, which are designed for cleaning porcelain surfaces or fiberglass surfaces. It is important to clean the bathtub regularly in order to prevent scum from accumulating on its surface. Cleaning the tub regularly will eliminate the greasy film of soap even if no dirt is visible. In the event that soap scum becomes a serious problem, using a nylon-net scrubber, or a soft plastic scouring brush, will be able to help you remove it. For oily residues after bath tub reglazing a shampoo that is inexpensive and applied using a lightly abrasive, nylon-paddled pad usually works better.

The bathtub can become slippery due to the new coating. A non-suction mat should be used in this situation. They can be damaging to the new surface if they have suction cups. Even the ones that do not suction to the surface should not remain on it for long. Remove them after using and do not leave them hanging on the side.

It is important to fix leaky tub faucets right away. A tub that drips water will quickly damage the surface. Mineral deposits can also cause visible damage.

A bathtub that is old can look new with some simple care. These can be done in porcelain or fiberglass. Ceramic tile, shower walls and surrounds can also have their finish refinished. You should find a refinisher that provides a warranty for their services when you want to cover the damage to your bathtub, or change its color.