Inpatient Drug Rehab Program

Alcohol abuse does not involve an extreme craving for alcohol or a lack of control. Alcohol abuse is a drinking pattern. Admitting that alcohol is a problem can be hard. Keep in mind, however, that the sooner help is sought the more likely you are to recover by women’s drug and alcohol rehab near me.

Intensive Outpatien:

The Intensive Outpatient Mental Treatment Program, or IOP for short, is more intense than the traditional outpatient program and designed to stabilize and resolve immediate issues in a shorter time frame. Team of professionals offer services to patients and families. A patient may be enrolled with similar patients in a program that is time limited. Treatment teams may consist of licensed therapists or nurses as well as program specialists and doctors.

Orange County’s #1 Intensive-Outpatient Program (IOP) for Drug Treatment and Orange County Rehab. Outpatient treatment is best for people who have a stable environment at home, a good support network and can get the drug rehab at any time of day or night.

This program is for a small group of individuals who are close to each other and meet daily, either during the daytime or in the evenings. They receive education on addiction and take part in various therapeutic activities. It allows an individual to stay at home, while benefiting from the 25 years’ experience of treating addictions and alcoholism.

IOP consists of:

A Drug and Alcohol Screening Every 72 Hours

O Individual Therapy and Group Therapy

A Treatment Plan, including Assessment and Aftercare

O Access to All Treatment Programs and Facilities

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Call us and we will verify insurance coverage, perform a “basic assessment” over the phone. If it is more convenient, you may choose to discuss in private your current situation or the drug-related history of you (or your loved ones).