Border Security Goldilocks

Border Security. Everyone has different ideas about what secret ingredient we should use to secure our country’s borders. Everyone has their own opinion on what ingredient to use for border security. One cousin suggested chocolate. For reference, check our reference section.

Don’t pretend. Border Security isn’t about building a wall and filling it up with alligators. Think of this as being a bouncer in a nightclub. Decide who goes in and who stays out. You also need to keep an eye on everybody without making anyone uncomfortable.

Imagine if you could keep an eye on the crowd in a large room, and make sure that nobody sneaks away or tries to enter the bathroom through the window. The countries face similar challenges. Finding the right balance between openness & safety is a challenge.

People who support a more robust border security system say that it’s vital to keeping out people with the potential of causing harm or disturbing peace. But they aren’t always wrong. No one wants unwanted guests ruining their party. To convince your grandmother, you had sufficient food for Thanksgiving dinner.

Imagine you’d never heard or tried K-pop before because the lyrics are difficult to understand.

In an economic sense, it’s similar to playing Monopoly but only purchasing Baltic Avenue. It feels safer to play this way than Boardwalk.

Remember those stories that told of the heartbreaking experiences of families or individuals trying to escape dangerous situations? They are more captivating than any telenovela.

Goldilocks’ zone is just the right temperature. It’s not too hot or too cold. Mary Poppins is Homeland Security.

Because each ramble must end, the discussion on border security is similar to the debate about whether or not there should be pineapples on pizza. There is a lot of confusion and excitement when it comes to border security.