Reviewers are interested in your product

As a professional who has been reviewing products professionally for years, I decided to talk about the possibility of giving away your product for review. I am also on a number of media lists that are looking for bloggers for product soulcybin review.

It’s my job to be honest about products in both cases, and not give unwarranted praise. In spite of all the samples I’m given for reviews, sometimes I ask a company to send me a sample to review. I do this because the product is of interest to our readers.

Moreover, I may keep the products to use for myself. I am not required to donate the items to a contest or draw, though I may choose to do this anyway. Or I can return them to the business in an pre-paid envelope. In some cases, the New York Times has strict rules regarding returning all products for review. While other publications let reviewers keep small products and require them to give back larger products.

Professional reviewers will not “give away” free products in exchange of good reviews. They give honest feedback–constructive criticism that the public reads, not just your staff. Some reviewers include both positive and negative features of the product. While some reviewers prefer to concentrate on the positives only, they may not review the product at all if they don’t like it. First, it is much more fun for me to take time out of my busy day to write a review on something I am interested in rather than force myself to do so with a product I dislike. Second, writing about things you find enjoyable, useful, and interesting is much easier than writing about products you don’t like. And third, it’s harder for me to write a negative review. I worry that my words will be taken out-of-context and I may not have the ability to justify a negative review.

Simply put, if I get an item which isn’t up to my standard, I wont review it. The product owner will never know why I won’t be reviewing the item. What matters is not how much background I receive. It doesn’t matter how much background information I receive if the product fails to perform or does not reach my intended audience. But if the product is good in general, and there’s a little thing that I dislike, then I will list the dislike alongside the likes.