The 10 things that movers can’t do

While moving can be a difficult experience, a Toronto and Brampton mover can reduce the strain of having to load all your things. Be sure to check what Brampton moving services and Toronto moving service are not able pack. Moving services are forbidden by government law to transport some materials and goods, recommended site!

Some are obvious like explosives and hazardous materials but others may surprise you.

Plants live plant can contain insects and/or fungi. Transporting household plants is best if your move will only be a few miles. Your plants will not be permitted to cross over the border with your move.

Avoid Transporting Foods that are Perishable: If you have to carry food, make sure it is not perishable. Anything that is opened and has been touched will still be perishable even though it may have a longer shelf life. Packing sealed boxes is only acceptable for unopened cans of food and cereals.

Dogs: I hope this common sense but, don’t ask your mover for Fido’s pet carrier to be placed in the back seat of his truck. Be sure to plan ahead of time how you’ll bring along your reptiles or pets.

Do not pack valuables, such as money, jewelery, or important documents in your moving van. Safely pack your valuables in your car.

Specific Items: some movers will not handle hot tubs, grand pianos, or pool tables. Check that movers have all the right equipment before you hire them.

Equipment Powered by Fuel: These include lawnmowers, motorcycles, and weed whackers. These items can only be taken by your mover if they are completely empty. Make sure you drain their fuel tanks 24 hours in advance.

Inflammable Items: Paint, paint thinner, aerosol cans and extinguishers, as well as batteries and aerosol are to be properly disposed. For a list, contact your municipal office or look online.

Flame-Proof Items: These include common barbecue items such as charcoal and lighter liquid. If you can, dispose of those items and purchase new ones once your barbeque is set up at the new location.

Explosives. Nothing that may potentially explode should be touched by your mover. It includes propellants (primers), ammunition and propellants. Do not forget to properly dispose of all items.

Acid Batteries or other products containing muriatic, nitric and acid acids are all examples of corrosives. (You may also find pool treatment chemicals). You should dispose of them before moving.