Top Five Tips For Home Energy-Efficiency

While the climate change debate continues unabated in many circles, most people can agree that reducing energy consumption is always a good thing. It might be time to evaluate your home energy use. There are so many things you could do, it’s easy get overwhelmed. So here’s a Tip Five list to help you get going. Come and visit our website search it on PorchLight HES you can learn more.

You need to rethink your laundry habits. An average American household does approximately 400 loads per year. This is a lot of water, as 43 gallons are required for a complete load. The heat is responsible for 90 percent of all energy consumed. Consider consolidating laundry in your household so that you can do full loads all the time. Make sure to use cold water for wash cycle and rinse cycles. Line-drying can be a more energy efficient option than using clothes dryers. Your clothes will last longer while also smelling fresher.

Fridge facts – 18% of households’ electricity use goes to keeping their refrigerators running. Keep the refrigerator cool by moving it four to five inches away from walls. If your unit is older than 10 years, it is time to upgrade to a more efficient model.

Repair the leaks. Whether the air leaks out of the chimney or under your door, you could be losing a lot hot or cold air. Increase insulation, seal the flue, add weather stripping or replace windows. These are simple changes that will result in lower monthly energy bills and a feeling of accomplishment.

In the shower: It’s very affordable and will save the average household around 7,800 gallons of water per year. A lower flow shower head will save 44 gallons per shower, which is almost half the water use of a regular shower head.