What do you want the church website to look?

The question of what kind of church website do you want is, well, well, well! Although this is a challenging task, I am up for it. A church website can have many meanings, especially for church website builders. Before you start designing a website, it is crucial that you know exactly what site you want. Check this out!

Informational: If you are looking for information about your church, an informational website might be the best choice. You could put your background, mission and core principles on this website.

Engaging: A website that encourages interaction between your congregation and one another is a good idea. This could include interactive materials, message boards and forums.

E-commerce. If your church depends on donations, it might be worth creating an e-commerce site. This would allow you to accept online donations and make it easy for members to give from anywhere.

Rich in media: You may consider a media-rich website design if you want users to feel the spirit and heartbeat of your church. This could include sermons, videos, images and other multimedia content.

You might also want a website that accurately portrays the goals and spirit of your church. You might consider a website that is easy to modify so that it truly reflects your church.

What type of church website would you like to see? Are you looking for something informative, engaging, e-commerce-friendly and media-rich? There are many choices! You have a choice!