What is the Best Self Storage Unit for RVs?

When fall arrives, you should start looking for the perfect RV self storage unit. Packing up the RV and saying goodbye to another camping year is always sad. Storage units are available for both winter and summer storage. By choosing the appropriate unit, you can ensure your vehicle’s safety, maintenance and proper care during the long winter months. More bonuses?

Self Storage Facility Inspection

The self-storage industry is full of options. Each one has different prices and offers different services. Then what are the things you should be searching for? The following are things you should consider:

The facility should be close to you. This is especially important if your RV requires you to do a great deal of driving.

The hours at the facility can be flexible. You would like to be able to get to your trailer anytime you wish. It may be difficult to find a 24/7 facility near your house. In this case, you should keep in mind their hours and take into account your schedule. Do not choose an establishment that will only be open while you are working or during public holidays.

Secure facility During the cold winter months, you want your RV to remain safe. It is best to thoroughly research your options and make sure you are aware of all security features offered. Some of the security features you should be looking out for are:

o 24/7 video surveillance

Electronic gates

Alarm Systems

It is also important to have good outdoor lighting.

Individual alarms on each unit (often available as an option, sometimes with a surcharge).

Winter maintenance will be offered. When storing an RV outside, you should look into the available winter maintenance. Some storage facilities offer winter services, such as the removal of snow from your vehicle.

It is affordable. You need the most affordable service. In many cases, the self-storage fee is cheaper than that of RV parks. Self-storage spaces are generally more expensive when they offer more. Make sure you weigh the benefits you require against the fees. Don’t skimp on security or other must-haves.

Choose the RV self storage unit carefully. Take into consideration what you need and want, then compare that to the price.