Why Forex Trading?

Forex stands to represent Foreign Exchange. FOREX means currency market around the world where you are able to buy or sell currency. FOREX merchants and banks worldwide manage it, check my reference.

Before 1996, Forex markets were only open to people with high net-worth, conglomerates, or investment institutions. USD10,000,000 must be invested as an initial capital to gain entry to the market. Investors do not like Forex markets as they don’t have the ability to invest. Forex market had a daily trade volume of USD500 million an hour.

Bill Clinton signed the Forex market open to public trading. Since 1996, the number of forex brokers has grown steadily and their trading volumes have increased. Forex is today the leading daily trading market. Trading volume for Forex is USD3 Trillion daily. It’s far higher than any stock-exchange volume globally. It’s also approximately four to fivefold higher than US Futures prices.

FOREX markets play a major role in downgrading an economy within seconds. Many Asian countries such as South Korea (Thailand Indonesia, Singapore), Malaysia, Singapore and Malaysia were affected in 1997 by the currency crisis. George Soros was a key player in the 1997 currency crisis. He has been able to benefit from over USD1Billion per day.

Due to a lower competition among Forex brokers through the Internet, there has been an increase to minimum capital requirements in order to open accounts. Register an account today to trade currencies using USD250 for your initial capital.

Forex trading is available 24 hours a days and five consecutive full-time working days. Forex trading is possible in either bull or bear markets. If you’re well informed, both can be profitable. Forex trading doesn’t come with the commissions of stock market. Forex traders that have low capital can use high leverage to trade.