Rhinoplasty Seattle: A Quirky World of Rhinoplasty


Seattle is the city of coffee, endless rain, and the Space Needle. Let’s take a look at this strange trend.

The decision to change the color of your hair is not the same as changing the shape of your nose.

Before you even think of lying on the operating table, you will have a consultation. Think about it as a first date without the awkwardness.

Open rhinoplasty is when the surgeon cuts the skin between the nares. A closed rhinoplasty means that the cut is concealed within the nose.

It’s hard to recover from surgery. You might not be able to leave the house for a couple of days. Even though it isn’t attractive, some say beauty is in pain.

Why Seattle? It’s not just that Seattle has some of world’s top nose surgeons. There is also something to be said about recovering in a place where no one bats an eyelid if you wear bandages because everyone is so busy. The people are either trying to avoid puddles on the street or debating which coffee shop has the best.

Seattle’s doctors are the most cool, as they understand that everyone has a different nose depending on ethnicity and other factors. But they want to change it without losing its uniqueness… Oh no! Special is what I meant.

A rhinoplasty is a serious decision. It is important to trust the surgeon who will be reshaping the center of your face. Seattle is known for its expertise, innovation and quirkiness.

Wishing you smoother seas in the future.