Searching for the best used Tesla

What a journey to purchase a used Tesla. You are about to enter an auto-thrift store. You’re holding your wallet. Your mind is filled with electric zoom-zoom fantasies, but you hear a whisper: “Am I About to Buy Lemon?” Eco warrior and tech enthusiast, do not worry. Let’s embark on this journey together clicking here.

Let’s begin with the elephant of our room: Battery Life. When you buy an used Tesla, you’re not purchasing a dog. These batteries are as strong as marathon runners. They may be less powerful after 100k miles but they still have enough power to last you for your daily commute or spontaneous road trips.

Let’s move on to the technical side. Tesla’s are basically smartphones on wheels. They are updated as they age, just like fine wine or George Clooney. Before you spend your hard-earned cash on a Tesla, check if it has been updated with digital vitamins. Your car can sing to you while in traffic.

You have to decide how much ice cream you can handle and still not get a brain frost. Do you enjoy showing off? Model S will make you feel like a kid again every time. You want space for your children, pets and kitchen sink. Model X has doors that open like wings of an eagle – why not?

We must never forget our goal – saving the planet through reducing waste and preserving money. Used is a way to reduce waste and give something a second life. Mother Nature loves it.

Beware! When you are searching for the perfect Tesla, it can feel like you’re trying to locate Waldo. You shouldn’t expect a good deal when you find “the one” just because another owner was there. Tesla’s cost more than the purse that my grandmother uses at bingo.

If you’re not a fan of detective work, consider buying a used Tesla. Tesla’s preowned program may be more expensive than buying a car on Craigslist or His List. However, the staff will check your car more thoroughly than my mother does when she checks my Facebook page after I tell my mom that I have started dating someone.

Because no one wants to say goodbye too long. It can be a long, arduous search to find a used Tesla. There are highs and lows. It’s easy to spend long nights browsing listings, when you should be sleeping. You’ll spend late nights scrolling through listings when you should be sleeping.

Be patient and do your homework. What’s most important? Take the ride both literally and figuratively. It’s worth it to take a used Tesla on a rollercoaster full of surprises. Remember: Each mile you drive an electric chariot is another “I told ya” moment. People doubted you’d join the EV Revolution. Seattle is the city where everything is possible. Even the sun. Parking in downtown Seattle on a Saturday night at night can be a challenge. Rain City residents will guide you safely and with humor through your adventure.